1001 Odyssey / Electro Flow

Animal Divers

Animal Divers is an electronic world music band, offering a dynamic dream of a combination of desserts, hand pans and electric guitars on top of electronic sounds. It also embodies a modern ensemble of musical development methods that were considered impossible due to the characteristics of musical instruments through various ideas and performances.


Artexte, a collaboration project between electronic musician Shin Hye-jin and Claude, is working on a thoroughly unplanned live and interactive art. Artexte starts the project with a main interest in imagining and expressing the sound and visual elements in multi-dimensional space as well as simple depth or distance angle and three-dimensional space implementation.


Cor3a is a media art group formed by Kwon Hyun-woo of Broken Zero, Heo Jun-hyuk of HEO, and Byun Joon-hyung of WYM, who were active based on electronic music. Pursuing Algorithm-Rave Sound, which combines the concept used in coding with the Rave of Electronic Culture, and combining artistry and popularity, it aims to show various aspects of art to more public.

Dey Kim

Kim Dae-hee is an improvised composer and sound artist. They are doing art music such as Live Electronics, Electronic Acoustic, and Free Music. Working mainly on electronic devices (analog modulator synths), computers (max/mssp, live) and breathing (voice, pajolt contrabass recorder) as instruments, the works are presented to a number of concerts.


KnovCompile combines sound and visual elements through a digital enemy environment. And study the different ways of extending it into material space. The space is given visual and auditory elements to create spatial motion, drawing a deep sense of immersion through the work of organizing abstract structures and enabling three-dimensional experience.


oOps.50656 is an audio visual team consisting of visual artist Hwang Sun-jung and sound artist Moon Kyu-chul. Along with technical attempts, it was formed to expand the aesthetic potential of contemporary humanity and sounds into the form of performance.


Soundlucy, an artist majoring in electronic engineering, tries to convey his feelings to the audience through music and visual materials he composed. Soundrush's works maximize memories across the time of present and past, with hearing and vision intersecting each other.


Woochi is an emotional electronic music composer. Making Ambient-based music using experimental sound and working in various fields such as electronic music, media music, sound art and multimedia performances. The album [CLOUDY] is composed of OST concepts. Only the title and music were heard and the listeners could enjoy it through their own imagination.


Rose of Sharon Bloom Again

Team RSBA (2021) is a project team composed of Berlin-based techno musician and visual artist Red Pig Flower (Dami Kim Dame Kim), Chicago-born media artist Han Yo-han and director Seohoi Park. 

Inspired by the music of Korean-born German composer Yun I-sang, he will present the work of reinterpreting his representative songs with techno and soundscape.



Volnost | Seoul

Since opening Seoul's Techno Club Ballnost in 2017, Comarobot has been creating club programs with local and overseas artists who have continued to develop. Not only the techno genre, which is relatively accessible to the public, but also the experimental stage, which combines various forms of electronic music that are generally difficult to experience, is rebuilding in its own way, creating its own unique dance floor. 

DJ Sin

Volnost | Seoul

From 2006 to the present when we started full-scale activities. Her music is filled with the expertise and depth that has undergone many changes in the electronic music scene. Having been listening to various genres of music since childhood, she naturally became a DJ and continued her activities based on the Chicago house, which she was so into at the time, and eventually came to techno, which was close to the beginning of electronic music.

DJ Conan

Disco Experience / Deadend | Seoul

Korea's best funky master DJ Conan. Instead of staying in one genre, his music covers a wide range of genres, including hiphop, funk, jazz, and disco, as well as breakbeat, nu-disco, and house, and his unique style of play, which adds spectacular and musical scratches to mixing and effecting, has earned him recognition as a big and small party and festival's first-place DJ. 



Kibum is a music-loving listener and a DJ who feels happy by sharing his beloved music with the audience. Loving the texture of a special sense of space, he mainly deals with Rominal and Micro House, and presents a mix of natural and harmonious as if playing a musical instrument.


Kapture | Seoul

Subutai is kHOda and Zond-8 embient/techno project which began with consideration of the probability and explosive power of atoms collide with atoms, aims are to record the results clearly that occur by artificially limiting the random range.

Park Sungsoo

Visual Artist

He is a Seoul-based visual artist whose material-sensory elements appear in materials properties and structures are disassembled and reconstructed through non-material devices. We are exploring the invisible structure of nature and the expansion of human beings, and we are trying to reveal nature and its uniqueness.

Amelie Duchow, Germany

Involved in the german underground club scene during the 90ies TECHNO is the source of inspiration for Amelie Duchow’s interest in electronic music. 

2007 in collaboration with the media artist Marco Monfardini they launch the project Schnitt, an artistic italian/german exchange, motivated by the common interest in electronic music and visual art.

The duo works in the transitional area between music, art and technology focusing with their projects on the coherence between audio and video.

Schnitt presents the audio/video live performances SYNCHROPATH and their current project

Marco Monfardini, Italy

From the mid 80’ies Marco Monfardini works as a media artist dedicating his activities to sound research and video. He launched the music projects SCHNITT, THEMA, DRAMA, MINOX, TECHNOPHONIC CHAMBER ORCHESTRA AND 4D KILLER. Marco Monfardini In collaboration with Gianluca Sibaldi presents the site specific audio/video performance SCANAUDIENCE for the opening of the LEV Festival in 2019; the live performance is based on the realtime scanning of the audience.

Patrik Lechner, Austria

Patrik Lechner (AT) is an artist creating experimental audio/video content since the mid 2000s. Developing custom software for these purposes, original content in abstract sound works and real-time 3D graphics arose through the exploration of technology without losing focus on artistic expression. Patrik Lechner held audio/visual performances in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Canada, Dubai, MUTEK Montreal, and MUTEK Mexico and regularly played at the Austrian Pavilion at the world exhibition in Shanghai 2010.

Dylan Cote & Pierre Lafanechère, France

Based in Paris, born in 1993, he has a background in graphic design (DSAA - ENSAAMA). His work is mainly centered around the moving image, audiovisual performance and installation.

He mainly collaborates with the musical world, by making video clips, scenographies and live visuals. He is also pursuing more independent plastic and graphic research. They endeavor to experiment, sometimes to divert, various supports and techniques in order to generate forms taking advantage of the aesthetic possibilities of digital technologies, while questioning their use.

Sakura Tsuruta, Japan

Sakura Tsuruta is a Tokyo-based electronic music producer and DJ, whose works expand upon her cultural and musical boundaries.

She is best known for her productions with intricate blend of dark and ethereal sounds and her unique DJ style that intertwines rhythms and harmonies from around the globe, always keeping the crowd on its toes.

She continues to live up to her hype in the underground music scene in Tokyo, constantly challenging stylistic and creative boundaries whilst making guest appearances on international radio platforms such as NTS and Red Light Radio.

In December 2019, she premiered her first audio-visual performance in collaboration with asagi, at Mutek.JP.

Asagi, Japan

asagi is a Tokyo-based AR (Augmented Reality) artist.

His works explore and focus on reality and its visual and conceptual augmentation, utilizing various mediums of technology as catalysts.

He has worked in collaboration with artists such as YOSHIROTTEN, BIGYUKI, Ryohu, and Young Juvenile Youth - constantly pushing boundaries of creative expression.

Ai.step, Japan

Ai.step is a performance unit consisting of Kakuya Shiraishi and Scott Allen. Audio live coding and data visualization are performed by an "AI" based on machine learning and a human live coder. In this performance, deep learning is used for the code generation and writing of the sound synthesis programming language TidalCycles. During performance, the AI generates code to be displayed in the editor on the screen. The performer will select the tone generated by the AI. In this way, mutual complementation between human and AI is realized through live coding. In the data visualization, graphics are visually expressed using the information of the tone generated by the AI, the action of the performer, and the relationship between them.

Junichi Akagawa, Japan

Audio-Visual artist and Ableton Certified Trainer. From 2010 to 2013 he lived in Berlin, presently living in Japan.

By programming and using sensor data, he is making live performances, dance pieces and installations.

In 2012 he made a contemporary dance piece “Figure”, which is composed with dynamic images, sharp sounds and human body.

This piece won the Tel Aviv-Yafo•Yokohama Prize in Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2014.

In 2019, he was invited to the collaboration event between MUTEK.JP and 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival. 

His first full-length album “Consistency Test” was released on Hz-records in 2017, a single “Dice from the Window” on the label Shrine.jp in 2018.

Tom Leclerc, France

These performances are characterized by the choice of places and singular places, mainly in connection with the natural elements. A logistical and physical challenge that led him to rethink these devices to perform at the top of mountains as at the edge of the ocean. He thus places himself closer to what inspires him, nature. To follow this philosophy he organized a residency in Cantal in France. The making of several videos of performances at the edge of the waterfall or in the middle of the moss forest adds to the recording of her second album with Georgian label Giraffe Tapes.

Encor, Swiss

ENCOR is a studio founded in 2015 by swiss artists Mirko Eremita, David Houncheringer, Valerio Spoletini & Manuel Oberholzer.
Mutual understanding of an ever evolving world, transforming the human condition itself onto a path of merging with space, its physicality and technology in many new forms via digitization and the advancement of our understanding of it.
Initiation is an open-end ceremony initiating the audience to the cult of infinity.
The gigantic human-machine-interface is driven by the officiants controlling ancestral tools.
As time seems to suspend itself, the crowd emerges into an ever hypnotizing state of oscillation.
In this place the swing of the pendulum acts as the ever stimulating vector to guide the audience onto higher grounds.

Collectif Coin, France

The Collective Coin, an art lab based in Grenoble (France), focuses on producing both monumental shows and suggestive installations. Focusing especially on digital art, the Collective Coin, which is dedicated to producing works throughout the academic system, creates around concepts of body, sound and light.

"Reality is a digitized picture of the external world"