PRECTXE 2020 Digital Art Festival

PRECTXE is a festival that shows the current status of digital art and electronic music. Bring the exchange and vitality of creative competence to the community through contemporary art. Introducing arts and creations from all over the world to Korea, it brings the creators' activities closer to their daily lives. It is an attempt to create a slightly different culture by using the characteristics of the renewable building space of industrial facilities and experiencing different ways of consuming and enjoying art.

| PRECTXE 2020: Duplicate your dream

The PRECTXE Festival is a work-oriented art festival based on technology and art or media, symbols, images and programming. They enjoy the unique appeal of virtual images of works that digital technology or media use as tools and materials.

Dreams are the most humane, inhumane, realistic, and unrealistic experiences and targets. Dreams are targeted but non-material. In a dream, all activism is deprived and in it, everything is carried out by pure inertia. Works invited to the Prestis Festival convey the feeling, sense, and emotion that deviates from reality in each way. It is a new material experience with the help of technology, and an industrial technology is excluded, but the story, or unique images and messages contained in the work. These emotional experiences go beyond the dimensions of information obtained through sensory organs and new experiences technically available through rational decision-making activities, and vibrate for a longer period of time with greater shocks, such as arrows directly into the human mind of human beings.

Cloning may be a symbolic word representing the technological age and a new symbol of fear that even human-specific areas such as love and memory can be mechanized in an era of data flooding. What if you could duplicate and share a dream-experience that is actually experienced but not physically accessible? If each of their dreams (images) created by each writer were reproduced through the work, the emotions we feel through the work can be said to be a fiction of the author, a fairy tale of emotions, and a imitation of emotions, just as we copied the dream. Will we be able to experience their dreams, my dreams, while replicating them?

Organized by Social Enterprise NORIDAN Inc.

Executive Producer - Ryu

Directed & Produced by Kaka

Planning & Operation - Deck(Manager), Rami, Raccoon, Betty

Facillity Management & Support Installation - Kcarl(Manager), Hans, Wind

Management Support - Lily, Lia

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